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""Literacy Path"

Paving the path to literacy one brick at a time.  Remember a loved one; honor a teacher; celebrate a special occasion like a graduation, birthday, anniversary, retirement; or promote your business.  Set your name in stone for decades!    By purchasing a personalized, engraved brick to be placed in the Literacy Path you are helping the Friends provide programming, events and materials benefiting the library and its patrons.  Your $75 tax-exempt donation will be acknowledged with a thank you letter.

Complete the Literacy Path Order form or pick one up at the library.  If you have any questions about ordering a brick call Toni Raczkowski at 413-531-8196.

"Used Books"

Hooray!! The library is now accepting used books and materials for the purpose of raising funds in the Friends Corner now.   

Due to limited space, guidelines for the donation of used books (and materials) based on the East Longmeadow Public Library's policy is:

          *     they must be in good condition

          *     they must be published within the past 5 years                         *     donors are limited to one box per household  due to

                the limited space in the library.

Used Books Sale.png

If you have saved gently used books that do not meet the criteria mentioned above, please check with other local libraries and non-profit organizations such as Goodwill, Red Cross, Springfield Rescue Mission, Hartsprings Foundation and others to learn their requirements..

Last Will.png

"Will or Living Trust"

A gift through your will or living trust will continue your support of the Friends of the East Longmeadow Public Library, Inc. as an important legacy in our community.



The Friends' depend on volunteers just like you!  Helping to sort used book donations, make something delicious for our "Chocolate Sampling," and especially donate baskets for our Seasonal Basket Raffle fundraising events that take place 3 times a year.


Our Newsletters provide information of upcoming events as well as the "Bulletin Board" on the home page of this website.  If you decide you are interested in helping for any occasion, respond to our email address and include the word "Volunteer" on the subject line. Many hands make for light work and we do appreciate your time and efforts.

"The Giving Wall"

"Giving Wall" and Donor Plates: The Giving Wall, which is located across from the Circulation Desk, is property of the East Longmeadow Public Library which the administration oversees.  A gift of $500 or more may be donated to place a commemorative plaque on the Giving Wall.  Engraving a commemorative plaque is optional.  If the donor would like a plaque engraved, the individual should make their wishes known at the time the contribution is received at the library.  A follow up with additional instructions will be provided. 

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